When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to create a ceremony that is truly personal to them and which can honour their memory appropriately. This is often the case if they were not religious at all,

or were influenced by a few faiths in their lifetime. Nova ceremonies can help craft bespoke funeral or memorial ceremonies either in preparation for death or following the passing of a friend or family.

This can include as much or as little religious content as you feel appropriate, and even a mix of content from different religions, faiths, races or backgrounds, to ensure it is perfectly tailored.

We can deliver funeral ceremonies at a location of your choosing, including woodland burials and also perform memorials, where no body is present. We can also perform scattering of ashes ceremonies following a funeral to mark this occasion in a dignified but significant way.


  • Can include religious content including hymns, poems, prayers etc.

  • Entirely non-religious ceremony, but highly personal to the deceased

  • Can include content from a mix of faiths or backgrounds

  • Perfectly tailored and written from what you tell us

  • Can perform woodland burials or memorials.

  • Can perform scattering of ashes ceremonies.

Funeral or Memorial Ceremony